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Shameful plugs for former students

April 20, 2011

In still checking my work e-mail, I got two requests from former students and had to pass them on.  They are two awesome graduates of Skyline High School, and both are working in their own ways to change the world–and as their teacher, how can I not promote that?

Kristin is a sophomore at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.  Here is an article about her efforts to raise money for an orphanage in Uganda, and this is her blog about her trip last summer to Kenya and her upcoming trip to Uganda to work with children in orphanages there.

Carla is a freshman at the University of Nebraska, majoring in Marketing.  This is from her e-mail:

   One of our projects, the one I’m spearheading, is a community outreach program for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

   Not many people realize how bad it is on this reservation. The unemployment rate is over 80% and high school drop out rates are over 70%. Many residents lack access to electricity, running water or telephone services. The teen suicide rate is astronomically high, since most of the youth lack hope for their future.

   I’m not asking for anything except for your vote to help my organization win funding for our project. Click on the link below. Then you’ll click on the vote button (it’s right under “Nebraska SIFE” and has a checkmark in front of it [not the red “vote” tab]). You’ll enter your email address, and then you’ll get a confirmation email. Be sure to confirm your vote!

   If you have any questions about the voting process or the project, let me know! More information on what we’re doing is in the link.

Both girls young women inspire me to remember that the whole point of our existence is to serve others (which is why I became a teacher in the first place).  Their work gives me hope that the world I raise my children in will be a better place.

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    April 20, 2011 7:21 pm

    Wow Michelle! I know that you are so proud of these young women, and they are definitely making a difference. I agree with what you said about “serving others.” It should be the reason for our existence, and we can all make a difference in some one’s life. That’s why I taught school for all those years and why I’m doing what I do now. It makes a difference in my life, too!

    Glad you’re home, and I hope and pray you get to stay there a several weeks. Can’t wait to see pictures of the shower and the gifts. I know you were so glad your Mom was there to help organize everything.

    I love your blog . . . . it’s fun to read, and I’m enjoying going back and looking at the earlier ones.

    Take care and know that you, Alan, and those precious babies are in our prayers!


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