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A Very Good Friday

April 22, 2011

Although I won’t make it to Mass this Holy Week, Victoria from St. Catherine’s brought me Communion yesterday and prayed with me.  That must have done some good, because we had a Good Friday indeed today.

Our Pre-Birth Hospital Tour was at noon, led by our birthing prep class instructor Melissa.  The tour itself was not all that informative, because we had learned much of the info in both the birthing class and while I was in the antepartum unit last week.  However, Melissa did convince the charge nurse in the NICU to let us have a quick peek at the rooms with the isolettes, the family / waiting room, and the breastpumping room.  It looked like a much less scary place than I had imagined, and we met a woman from Ketchikan, AK, who just had twins and who reassured us that everything about the NICU was wonderful: nurses, amenities, etc.  They even have a family overnight room where parents who have babies in the NICU or ISCU (Infant Special Care Unit) can stay two nights a week.

As I am still officially on bedrest, I got to do the tour in a hospital wheelchair, with Alan steering.  Then we wheeled over to our ultrasound, which showed the babies to still be doing well with plenty of fluid in each sac.  Finally, we met with the doctor, who was satisfied with the results of the medication and bedrest, and said I could go home for the foreseeable future.  Woo hoo!

One thing I am learning from this bed rest experience (and I am writing it here so you all can remind me of it if I get cranky) is to slow down.  I read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh a few years ago called The Miracle of Mindfulness, in which he said something like, “Wash the dishes to wash the dishes.  When you’re drinking tea, just drink tea.”  At the time, I wondered how one could possibly do such a thing–apparently for me, getting pregnant with triplets was the answer.

In my normal life, I am usually doing two (or more) things at once or thinking about the next task.  I am used to multitasking with pretty much every activity.  If I’m by myself and eating a meal, usually I’m also doing a crossword puzzle or reading something online.  If I’m cooking, maybe I’m talking with someone on the phone.  

This past week and a half, I can only really do one thing at a time.  When I’m eating, I need to make sure I don’t spill food on my pillows.  I am trying to be more present in the slowing down, not just because I get tired very easily, but also because it’s a good space to be in as preparation for the whirlwind of activity and emotion that will come when the babies are born.  Especially because there’s three of them and one of me, I worry that part of my brain will always be worried about the other one or two when I’m with one or two.  I need to remember to just be present, and that is all they need.

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  1. Keri permalink
    April 25, 2011 7:53 pm

    I have to say that beyond the stress of the preemie journey, the NICU experience was amazing, and filled with so much good. The nurses are terrific – learn all you can from them. I had the privilege of watching my son grow, change and develop each day. When we brought him home, I knew him – I knew his schedule, how he liked his bath, the best feeding position, etc. I had 9 weeks to ask all the questions I could think of, and get all of the advice I could want. And, I still email the nurses, send them updates, and share our lives with them. Yes-I am hoping this time around to make it somewhere close enough to 40 weeks so that we don’t have a NICU stay, but I am grateful for all that we gained through our first stay there.

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