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40 Days and counting

April 27, 2011
To reach my goal of 35 weeks, I have 40 more days to go.  I’ve been working on random projects:  a gift for my Dad’s 60th birthday, a long-overdue birthday present for cousins Ellen and Brittany, watching Alias season one (loaned by my friend Cari, who assured me I would love it–and I’ve discovered I’d rather watch things blow up than watch anything that would remotely make me cry).

Some Easter photos:

What, you’ve never heard of the Easter Kitty?  (The hat is one of a set from my colleague Connie–I can’t wait to see how adorable they will look on the babies!)

Barb and Guy came over on Easter Sunday after Alan went to Mass, bringing lunch and dinner with them.  Barb cooked most of the day, making lamb and roasted veggies and fruit salad.  It was a bit strange to get used to the idea of not helping with food prep, cooking, or clean-up–but I tried to remind myself to appreciate it while it lasts.

Speaking of appreciation, here are some photos from the shower that Jen organized at the hospital, taken mostly by Maya with my mom’s camera.  Check out the display of favors (my mom ordered small jars of Stonewall Kitchen jams) that Jen decorated, behind Lisa and Kathleen.

Mom (a.k.a. Nana) and me

Maya, me, and Jen


Our neighbor Lisa and Frindell family friend Kathleen
Paige, Mom, me, and Charlene

Paige sewed these toy sacks, 1 for each baby

Sherry, Kathleen, Debbie, Barb, Jen, and Elisabeth


Stanford and Middlebury Class of 2033


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