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Six for Saturday

May 10, 2011

[Note:  I just discovered that I forgot to post this on Saturday.  Oops.]

This is an adaptation from my friend Jill’s blog–she sometimes writes “10 for Tuesday.”

1.  There is not much to update when one is on bedrest.  My days are starting to look similar.  Which is not a bad thing at all, given that I get tired from just taking a shower.  They’re not boring, just relaxed and uneventful.

2.  The main reason I don’t watch much TV:  I get wildly addicted.  My friend Cari lent me the first 3 seasons of Alias and last night I dreamt I was Sydney Bristow, crawling through air ducts and chasing bad guys.  I woke myself up feeling like I had just run a 10K.

3.  Our friends and neighbors have been bringing us delicious dinners thanks to my friend Jen organizing on  You guys are lifesavers!

4.  Alan has spent each night after work this week assembling the IKEA furniture we got last weekend.  So far:  a dresser, a bookcase/changing table, and a crib are set up in the nursery.  Pictures to follow.

5.  Baby A gets the hiccups a lot.  Sometimes one of her siblings gets annoyed and kicks her (at least that’s what it feels like to me).

6.  I will be 31 weeks on Monday.  Keep growing, babies–not much longer to go!

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