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First Night

July 22, 2011

Theresa came home on July 5 and Jamie on July 6, making our household total 7.  Four adults with 1 baby feels totally manageable; 4 with 2 was a challenge, and 4 with 3 may be the minimum requirement for a while.  Many of you may be wondering, “How do they do it?”

Our first night went as follows:

9 pm:  Alan prepares the bottles–15 in all.

10 pm:  all three are asleep in their crib, full tummies and clean diapers.  Mommy and Daddy go to bed.

12 am:  we wake up.  I give Jamie a bottle; Alan gives Theresa a bottle, then gives Audrey a bottle while I pump.  The whole process takes 90 minutes.  We congratulate ourselves on everything going so well.

3:15 am:  I nurse Jamie.  Theresa’s reflux kicks in while Alan is feeding her, resulting in her not breathing for several seconds, also resulting in Alan freaking out, but I can’t do anything to help because I am attached to Jamie.  I start Audrey on her bottle while Alan tries to get Theresa to eat the rest of hers, but she doesn’t want much more.  We put the girls back in the crib, hoping they remember to breathe in their sleep.

6:25 am:  Alan is giving Jamie his bottle when Jamie spits half of it back up.  Alan (not all too gently) asks me to wake up and get Theresa, who is starting to fuss.  Neither of us are sure if we should give Jamie more milk to replace what he spit up, or just put him back to sleep because his stomach is upset.  I nearly fall asleep while nursing Audrey.  Alan feels like the worst parent ever, thinking he nearly killed two of his children in the same morning.

9:30 am:  Jamie wakes up to eat earlier than expected.  He spits up a little, at which Alan brings him downstairs to get back-up from my parents.  I try to go back to sleep, but Audrey is fussy, so I get up several times to soothe her.  Callie decides it’s her time for some attention, so she winds around my legs, meowing.  I finally get back into bed and Callie perches on my hip.  My parents leave to get breakfast at the local coffee shop.

11:00 am:  Alan wakes me up to nurse Theresa.  I have slept through two of his visits to our room, plus a phone call (not good, since I often use my phone as an alarm clock).  I am half-awake while nursing, and Alan brings me half a scone from the coffee shop.  He has had a large cup of coffee and is feeling much better.

12:00 pm:  I finish nursing, then pumping, then head downstairs, still in my pajamas.  Audrey is fussy, so I put on the Baby K’Tan and wear her while Nana and Grampy hold and feed Theresa and Jamie and Alan gets ready for a Safeway run.  We have survived our first night.

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