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Getting Out

October 28, 2011

It takes a lot to overcome the inertia of staying home.  Loading the babies into their car seats or carriers and then into the van or into their strollers used to be intimidating, but now that’s the easy part.  The intimidation factor now is the concern that they won’t sleep or sleep as well on the go.  Do we hibernate inside even on gorgeous fall days, in fear of crankiness?  Or do we throw caution (and blankets) to the wind and venture out, accepting the risks of screaming and unwillingness to eat later?  A daily judgment call.

Here are some places we’ve been with all three:

  • Mass at St. Catherine’s, where there are many kind parishioners who love helping with babies.
  • Kona Kitchen, our neighborhood breakfast-lunch-dinner Hawaiian diner.  Very friendly staff, decent food, and spacious seating area for stroller parking.  So far, our only restaurant adventure.
  • Maple Leaf Community Council ice cream social.
  • Fall City Farms pumpkin patch.
  • U-Village.
  • Costco on a Saturday.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Jen and Colin’s for brunch.
  • Three walks near/around Green Lake.  On the last one, Audrey woke up in the middle and would only stop screaming when riding on top of the stroller, sitting on the cupholder with her back against the handle.
  • Today, Facebook Seattle’s office to visit Daddy.

More adventures to come!

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