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Dairy Free…and Loving It??? Some recipes for fall

December 8, 2011

Since Audrey “probably” has a milk protein allergy, according to the pediatric gastroenterologist, I need to reduce the amount of dairy and soy in my diet.  A hypoallergenic formula exists for babies who can’t digest milk or soy, but Audrey essentially refused to eat it (and I don’t blame her; it smelled horrible).  If we’re going to fight to get her to eat something, it should be breastmilk.

I am lucky in that her suspected allergy is not severe, so I don’t have to read every label to check for casein or other variations on milk proteins.  Still, my cooking adventure is leading me down a dairy-free path.  I had been going the casserole route, but so many casseroles–most of the ones that I like, anyway–rely heavily on dairy:  milk sauce, cream of something soup, cheese…Getting take-out every night is not sustainable either.  I view this as a new challenge, one that has led to surprisingly delicious outcomes.

Last night I made this crock-pot pork and sweet potato stew that was really, really yummy.  It did take longer than I anticipated to prepare, because I had to peel and chop the sweet potatoes and brown the pork beforehand.  I would add carrots and celery next time for an added veggie boost, but my crock-pot is about 2 quarts, so we may need to invest in a bigger one at some point.  Where that will be stored is anyone’s guess.

A few weeks ago I made roast chicken with carrots, and added quartered baby red potatoes instead of serving it over rice or couscous.  Again, delicious, relatively healthy, and most importantly:  fast.

Monday night was another challenge:  accepting–nay, embracing–the prepared food at Trader Joe’s.  I bought cauliflower florets, baby bok choy, pre-cooked chicken, Thai green curry simmer sauce, brown jasmine rice, and raw cashews.  After the rice had been cooking for about 20 minutes, I cleared the counters, put Theresa in her bumbo on the counter, and showed her how to shop cauliflower and bok choy into even, bite-sized pieces, separating the leaves from the stalks.  I removed her from the counter, sauteed the cauliflower and bok choy stems till crisp-tender, then added the cooked chicken and simmer sauce.  While that got hot, I toasted the cashews (only 2 minutes in the toaster oven), and then added the bok choy leaves to the curry.  And…done!  It tasted better than take-out, knowing that I had sort of made it myself.  Next time I’ll add some shredded carrot and maybe some broccoli florets (also sold by Trader Joe’s).

Anyone have any dairy- and soy-free casserole or crock-pot recipes to share?  Please send them my way!

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    December 8, 2011 1:35 pm


    These recipes sound wonderful, and I know that Neal would like both of them. I’m always looking for something new to fix, and you have just helped me out a lot. Counting the days until the 28th.

    Hugs to all!

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