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Odds and Ends

March 3, 2012

I love food. I love eating.  So I was pretty psyched to start feeding solid foods to the babies.  As I am learning, this is more of an experimental phase than babies actually enjoying eating from a spoon.

I am making their food right now, freezing it in cubes and defrosting whatever we need that morning or afternoon.  It doesn’t take that long, and they eat so little (relatively speaking) that the amounts are manageable.

Here are a few combos that I actually ate the leftovers from:

  • lentils, sweet potatoes, yogurt, and cumin
  • egg yolks, zucchini, and cauliflower
  • lentils, sweet potatoes, pear, and cardamom

This sounds all fancy-shmancy until you know that only Jamie eats all of whatever I put in front of him (including yesterday’s breakfast:  prunes, parsnips, and avocado–which I did not eat the leftovers from).  I am trying to get a variety of tastes, textures, and nutrients (hence mixing prunes–for digestion assistance–and avocado, for good fats).

The girls seem to like more liquidy purees.  They all like roasted cauliflower puree.  They all dislike avocado, which I’ve heard is an almost universal baby favorite.  We’ll see how they feel about broccoli and kale next.

Last week I went to the library to check out their baby music section, hoping to find some of the Disney nursery rhyme / kid songs records I used to listen to when I was little.  I checked out Baby Jamz Nursery Rhymes volumes 1 and 2, and All Together Now, a collection of Beatles songs for kids.  All three albums heavily use rhythmic beats and autotune.  Neither “Mary Had a Little Lamb” nor “Can’t Buy Me Love” should sound like it could be played at a club with a bouncer at the door.

Babies are napping very inconsistently these days.  They seem to be transitioning from three naps to two, but the transition phase is a long and difficult one, leading to unpredictable schedules and cranky babies–both of which raise Mommy’s blood pressure.  Their sleep needs have made it hard to get out of the house of late.  I have been trying to breathe deeply and remind myself that all things pass.


Teeth!  Theresa has a tooth and one about to come in (both bottom center).  Audrey has one tooth, bottom right.  Jamie must be working on a tooth, as he won’t let me touch his lower gums.

Feats of Strength!  Audrey began the army-crawl about a week ago.  She plants her right forearm perpendicular to her body, her left hand next to it, and scootches forward.  Especially when she sees a toy in a sibling’s hand, she moves with determination and purpose (and takes the toy).

Jamie gets up on his hands and knees, rocks back and forth, and yells (I think he’s trying to psych himself up to move forward).  He can move forward, but it is a very non-linear progression.

Theresa sits up on her own very well–no more faceplants–and she has been lifting up her torso while on her tummy.

It’s only a matter of time before all of them are moving.


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