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Ten on Tuesday

May 2, 2012

So it’s Wednesday.  And I think the point of the Ten on Tuesday thing is to have ten things written about a similar topic (like the ten best books I’ve read or something).  But I am obviously short on time, so this is a catch-all for updates:  in random order.

1.  The biomechanics of pulling oneself up fascinates me.  Audrey and Jamie get up on their knees and plant their hands on something (hopefully) stable.  Then they brace their insteps against the floor and, leveraging their body weight between hands and feet, lift their hips, slide their feet closer to the stable object, and stand.  It’s an incredible thing to watch someone figure out.

2.  The corollary to this:  babyproofing.  We’ve removed several items of furniture from the living room, and I learned today that I need to take things off the bottom two shelves of the bookcases, not just the lowest one.  Audrey’s newest skill is unpacking.

3.  I have set a new goal:  a Mother’s Day 5K.  Last week, I ran Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and this week I ran Sunday and Monday, and plan to go again this afternoon.  It feels good to have part of a routine that I get to choose.

4.  When Alan and I ran around Green Lake on Sunday, a woman presumably from the nearby retirement home stopped her walker to stare at us going by.

5.  On Monday when I was walking back from my run with the double jogger, I said hello to our elderly neighbor, who responded, “Well, looks like you’re doing extra duty babysitting, huh?”  I had to explain that I was their mom, which was mildly flattering.

6.  We are eternally grateful for how well they sleep at night and promise not to take it for granted.

7.  One of my former students from CA came to visit today, on her way to Teach for America.  She is (and always has been, since I met her as a sophomore) energized to empower the disadvantaged and give teens a global education.  I wish more people were like her, and I pray that she is not defeated by a broken educational system that does not, as a rule, value creativity and collaboration.

8.  We had a date night on Friday and watched Hugo.  Loved it.

9.  I have recently listened to cds from college (a cappella and mixes) and re-read bits of old journals from just after college.  Wow.  I am really glad I don’t analyze everything like I used to, and live a lot more in the present instead of so much in my own head.

10.  Theresa is increasing her range of mimicry:  she blows back when we blow on her face; and she makes kissing noises when we kiss her.  Jamie has a wrinkled-nose, squinty-eyed, two-teeth-showing grin that melts the recipient (see photo example).  Audrey is moving from her inchworm method of locomotion toward hands-and-knees crawling, and has fantastic hand-eye coordination.  All three love the playground and swinging.  And eating the pebbles.

Audrey and Theresa help Mommy plant snap peas

Sunny day = playground time

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    May 3, 2012 10:19 am

    Love the pictures! Love the hats! Jamie is looking more and more like his Daddy. Michelle, I totally agree with your No. 7 . . . . we need more teachers like her!

    Love to the Five Frindells:)

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