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Random Updates

May 23, 2012

Theresa has started talking with her mouth full.  Which is cute, and also very messy, as droplets of pureed chili or whatever are spewed across her tray as she says, “Gabble aaaagh ya ya.”

Theresa also likes pulling herself up, which we discovered she can do with posts to hang on to, like the crib or one of the baby gates.  She is not steady on her feet, though; the other day, she faceplanted four times.

Jamie has also started to clap, especially during meals.  We have to be quick with the spoon in order for the food not to be clapped.

Both Jamie and Audrey have special “loveys” (small blankets with an animal head sewn into the center) that they have become attached to.  Audrey’s is a pink bunny blanket that Swedish Hospital gives to every baby born there; we call it her Knuffle Bunny after the book of the same name.  Jamie’s is a bamboo bear from Aunt Mary; he actively fights if we try to take it away after nap, and carries it around with him until he fully wakes up.

Audrey would not hold her own bottle for the longest time.  We knew she could, as she has good motor skills and strength, but she likes having her hands free and active while she eats, so we just didn’t push it.  Finally, one day she grabbed the bottle from us, and now she one-hands it, like “no big deal, Mom.”

Jamie doesn’t scream anymore when the bottle is done.  We used to have to sing to him while burping so he wouldn’t pitch a fit at not having the bottle in his mouth, whether or not milk was in it.  “Stayin’ Alive,” for whatever reason, was the only song that would calm him down.

We have bad diaper rash in this house–so bad it warranted a trip to the doctor.  Baking soda baths, hydrocortizone cream, and diaper-free buns have become popular in the past few days.

No one told me how hard it is to change an eleven-month-old’s diaper.  For Jamie and Audrey especially, it requires athleticism and coordination beyond my capability.  The only thing that will get them to stay on their back for more than two seconds is a toy, and it must be a different toy from the last diaper change, and it must make noise and be chewable, and that buys me about seven more seconds.

I took many naps last week, trying to kick the bug that got me down.  A white-noise machine was required.  When they were smaller and I had to listen to the monitor all the time, there was no way I could “sleep when they sleep”–that advice for new parents is great but not practical.  The adrenaline-rush response to baby noises is a jolt of electricity through my body, no matter how tired I am.


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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    May 24, 2012 2:51 pm

    Sounds like everyone is feeling better! I think Jamie is going to be your “music man” – drumming on any flat surface and relaxin’ to “Stayin’ Alive” – one of my favorite songs! Can’t wait to see you and Alan in S.A. and all of you in August. They may be walking by then . . . . Oh Boy!!


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