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One Year Growth and Skillz

June 15, 2012

Audrey:  17 lbs, 11.5 oz.  29 in.  Dr. Tom told us that if he didn’t know she was a preemie and a triplet, he would think she was a normal one-year-old.


Theresa:  19 lbs, 5 oz.  28.5 in.  Was a champ for vaccinations–didn’t cry at all!

Jamie:  18 lbs, 9 oz.  28.75 in.  Had a growth spurt since last measurements and doubled his percentile!  (Not as hard to do when you’re in the single digits, but we’re grateful.)

Along those lines, I am also grateful for the following:

  • Audrey loves to explore.  Take her to a new place with books or toys within reach, and after a few moments of observation, she’s off.
  • Audrey has learned to drink from a sippy cup without spilling.
  • Audrey is learning putting things into instead of just taking out of boxes (yay!).  This morning she seemed to be getting the hang of “I give you the ball, now you give me the ball.”
  • Theresa and Audrey love being upside down.  If I “dip” Theresa when we’re dancing, she arches back as if to say, “Again!”
  • Theresa and Audrey love chewing on wet washcloths.  Helps gums and cleans teeth.
  • Theresa crawls on hands and knees.  Her first destination after months of immobility?  The heater grate.

    Theresa listens carefully at music class.

  • Theresa pulls herself up on gates, chairs, people.  This morning, she started figuring out how to get down again.
  • Theresa is learning to brush her own teeth.  I showed her how the bristles go on her teeth and gums, and instead of chewing on it, she actually moves it around in her mouth.
  • Theresa holds an object straight out in front of her, tenses all arm and shoulder muscles, and her whole body shakes with intensity of feeling (which feeling, we’re not sure).  While shaking, she says, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” in her enthusiasm to express the strong feeling.
  • Jamie stands by himself regularly and with good stability.
  • Jamie loves climbing:  the stairs at the play center, the new slide from Uncle Jeff and Aunt AJ.  He’s very persistent.  And strong.

    Jamie asking for “more.”

  • Jamie’s favorite pastime is taking all the board books off the shelf.  Then he sits down in the pile of books and turns pages.  Seriously, where is the board book of Henry V when you need it?
  • Jamie and Abbie play a chase game:  she snatches him up and covers him with kisses, then lets go.  He crawls away, and she chases him to snatch him up again.  He shrieks and giggles.  If she doesn’t chase him right away, he sits up and looks back at her, as if to say, “I’m waiting…”
  • Audrey and now Jamie crawl on all fours with a toy (or, sometimes in Audrey’s case, a wet washcloth) in their mouths, looking very much like a retriever puppy.
  • all three of them continue to love mimcry.  If one shakes her head, the others quickly follow suit.  If we clap, they clap.  I raise my arms in a V; they do the same.
  • they love when their Daddy comes in the door (even if it’s just from brushing his teeth).  Their faces light up when they see him, and it’s just the precursor to three small beings hurling themselves at him, shouting, “Daddy’s home!”  (Incidentally, they are happy to see me after I leave, but I leave less often.)
  • broken naps no longer make me crazy.  Simul-napping used to be the only mental break I had during the day, and if they were awake and making noise through the monitor, I could not relax.  I have learned to let go of trying to telepathically force them to fall asleep during naps.
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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    June 16, 2012 5:45 am

    How much fun! We can’t wait to see them in action in August! They’re learning new things so quickly, and times are only going to get more exciting! Have a great weekend!

    Love to all, Neal & BJ

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