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Father’s Day #2

June 19, 2012

A great Father’s Day weekend, with a trip to Swanson’s Nursery, lots of digging in the garden, lunch out with the grandparents, and a family run around Green Lake.  Plus one hand-printed mug from three small babies to their #1 Daddy.

This morning, Alan and I started singing “Baby Beluga.”  Audrey crawled over to that book and picked it up.  To test her further, we recited Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs.  She picked up that book too.  She has accurately chosen the book we recite every time we test her.  It is so fascinating to think about all the neural pathways that have had to be repeated in order for her to do that.

Also, today we had the inaugural ride in the Big First Birthday present from Mommy and Daddy:  the Choo-Choo wagon train.  It’s designed to roll on flat, relatively smooth surfaces, so we went around a big loop in our neighborhood.

Audrey rode partway with her arms up in a V and her right index finger raised in the air, one of her signature poses (to her we sometimes say “High Finger!” instead of “High Five!”).  Theresa leaned forward, gripped the front of her car, and looked through the hole in the floor at the ground passing by.  Jamie leaned back, arms resting on the sides, taking in the nabe.

A little girl playing in her front yard shouted to us from across the street, ‘They are SO ADORABLE!”  Indeed, little miss.  Indeed.

And this afternoon, Jamie climbed our front stairs from the sidewalk to the front door, a total of 13 steps with one landing.  Now we just need to teach him how to go down backwards instead of head first.

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    June 20, 2012 5:02 am

    Absolutely adorable! That Choo Choo wagon train is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – can’t wait to use it myself. Thanks for these wonderful pictures and updates – they make my day!


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