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First vacation!

August 20, 2012

We discovered on our first cross-country trip what most parents already know:  vacationing with almost-14-month-old babies is not entirely a vacation.

That said, we had a fantastic time in Massachusetts with my extended fam!  Highlights of the trip:

  • the eastbound flight going much more smoothly than we anticipated–Mama’s overpreparedness paid off!  The westbound flight was a bit louder and required more Ergo time.

The babies with their Great-Great Aunt Pam

  • the babies getting to meet people who have known me since I was their size:  my grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins, one great-aunt and second cousin, neighbors, family friends, our parish priest, head usher, and other congregants…

Theresa, Kathy, Michelle, and Theresa: 4 generations of McNally women

  • watching my grandma walk Theresa Karen around my parents’ house.

Great-Grandma Theresa and Nana help with storytime

  • playing with all five kids:  our three and their two cousins.  I think Cody may still be reeling from the volume of three people his age.

Four 1-year-olds having lunch

Audrey hugs her cousin Sienna

  • taking the babies to the beach, twice.  Two of three loved it; we’re working on slowly acclimating the third.  The first trip required both parents, my mom, my aunt, and cousin to make it work!

Jamie hangs with his Great-Aunt Cindy in the shallows

Cousin Brittany and Audrey at the beach

Theresa eats Cheerios with Daddy at the beach

  • family reunion potluck dinner on the huge deck of our rental house, followed by s’mores and ladderball.
  • several trips to Short’n’Sweet (aka The Schoolhouse) for many flavors of ice cream.
  • drinks and ice cream with Jeff and AJ after the kids were in bed (thanks for babysitting, Mom and Dad =))
  • going to their first baseball game:  the Brewster Whitecaps vs. the Hyannis Harbor Hawks

Daddy explains the infield fly rule to Theresa and Jamie while Nana watches the game

  • that my parents’ house finally has air conditioning for those disgustingly humid days where my curly ponytail grows 300%.
  • Chatham Beach Yoga:  “And now we do the Breath of Joy.”
  • lobstah and steamahs for the parents’ anniversary (#38):  a Cape tradition.

This summer has been packed with visits from and visits to family and friends, which is awesome and means little time for blogging.  So, baby updates:

  • more signing, as fast as we can learn new signs to teach.  Jamie learned “fan” within minutes of seeing my parents’ ceiling fans, and staring at it kept him so still for diaper changes that we are thinking of installing several in our house.  All three have learned “ball,” and Audrey identified the blue ball from a mix of toys (including balls of other colors).
  • Theresa is working on standing without holding on to anything.

Uncle Jeff hangs with TK and the Codeman

  • we had to take a blueberry hiatus because they ate so many on the flight that they pooped blue for two days.
  • Jamie started a very funny babbling before our vacation:  he moves his tongue in and out of his mouth while making noise, which sounds like “dugga,” “thucka,” “nugga,” or “noing” depending on his tongue positions.
  • Audrey’s new babbling is made in a similar way to Jamie’s but sounds more like “gulla gulla gulla.”

Audrey loves the slide!

  • Theresa’s new babbling is “gaaahhh” (repeated).
  • having had success with taking them out to breakfast and lunch, we tried dinner twice in Massachusetts and once back here.  All three times worked really well (pizzerias and pubs are excellent baby-friendly restaurants).  As long as we have their beloved sippy cups and cheerios to start, they are troopers.

Cody and Jamie: Ruths still looking alike, generation after generation

  • we’ve discovered that the only way to get Jamie to take an afternoon nap is to wear him out, typically with climbing.  A trip to the splash park yesterday also did the trick.
  • my parents had a ride-on car that Theresa loved, so much that she protested when she saw anyone else on it.  We are hesitant to bring out the one I bought at a yard sale.

Theresa rides the car on the Chatham house’s huge deck

  • behavior resembling small-scale temper tantrums has emerged in all three, often when we take something away that they wanted (like Mommy’s water bottle, or the toy they took from someone else).  Loud screaming and sometimes forehead hitting floor.  Occasional biting motions in a sibling’s direction.  Whoooo boy.
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  1. Britt permalink
    August 27, 2012 8:19 pm

    I enjoyed getting to know them and spending time with you and Alan so much!!! And I LOVE that picture of Audrey and me…she has the perfect smile!

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