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A Day in the Life…plus, Happy Anniversary!

September 16, 2012

Tomorrow is our seventh anniversary.  It does and does not seem so long ago that we gathered most (unfortunately, not all) of our favorite people around us in Middlebury, Vermont, and intertwined our lives.  Last year, we went out to dinner for our first anniversary as parents.  This year, we were able to get away for 25 hours!

Thanks to Alan’s parents, who agreed to take on baby-care for one full day, we went to the Salish Lodge for a night.  We got a massage.  We had late afternoon snack in their pub.  We had a lovely four-course dinner overlooking Snoqualmie Falls.  We had a delicious breakfast overlooking mist and fog.  We read some of our respective novels (his:  Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson. Mine:  Sacred Hunger, by Barry Unsworth).

Then…we hiked Little Mount Si (4.4 miles round trip).  The day was a glorious September blue, warm and clear; the path shaded and easily hikable.  I helped a little boy who fell due to running down the trail until his mom arrived.  We saw dogs and babies and ran into my fantastic hairstylist Heidi, her husband, and their dog.  [If anyone around Seattle needs a hairstylist, Heidi is not only a great stylist but an awesome person.  You should check her out at Savoir Faire in Fremont.]

So we had 25 hours of our pre-kids life, which was relaxing and freeing.  And then we were so happy to come back to play with our three!

For all of you who are dying to know, here’s a snapshot of what our days are like, from the really detailed notes we left for Grandma and Grandpa.  (I write babysitting instructions like sub plans, apparently.)

15-month-old Triplet Care:  A How-To

For all meals and snack, before you tell kids to go to their chairs:

– Have trays washed and ready
– bibs out
– milk ready in cups
– food prepped in bowls / plates

During and after meals:

– if they throw a piece of food, tell them “No throwing,” take the tray away for 30 seconds, then ask them if they want more.
– post-meal:  washcloths are in second drawer in bathroom for warm water washing of face and hands

For going outside:

– sunscreen (in second drawer in bathroom:  BurnOut)
– hats
– socks and shoes (Jamie:  black sneaker-looking shoes; Audrey:  green shoes; Theresa:  white soft shoes or brown w/pink dots pull-ons)
– jackets if necessary (morning usually)

Afternoon Nap:

– approximately 2:00 – 3:30 (sometimes 1:45)
– minimum 1 hour
– don’t expect everyone to sleep
– avoid going into the room unless crying hard
– set a timer for 2 – 5 minutes
– turn on monitor in kitchen


– cut-up fruit (2 of your choice:  pear, peach, nectarine…)
– around 3:45
– check diapers after nap and periodically between snack and dinner

Playtime:  They tend to get bored if they stay in the house too long, so options include:

– walk in wagon
– play and explore on sidewalk with cars and slide (or just cars)
– walk to playground and play on swings, on slides, on grass, etc. (watch for eating gravel)
– play in backyard (not totally baby-proofed)


– 5:45
– chicken in fridge; corn & bean salad in fridge; steamed peas (from frozen)


– diapers changed; pajamas on (pjs in middle bin on middle shelf of changing table)
– teeth brushed (Audrey:  purple handle; Jamie:  blue handle; Theresa:  Winnie the Pooh)
– 3 quiet / bedtime stories


– 6:45 pm
– all upstairs in cribs
– binky for each
– Jamie:  tan bear; girls:  pink bunny
– lay in crib; tuck under quilt
– sound machine on (press center button)
– curtains closed
– softly close door
– if upset, wait 5 min. (set timer).  If not calm, you might need to resettle.

Between 7 pm and 7 am:

– they sometimes cry out in their sleep.  This lasts for maybe 10-20 seconds.  Don’t go in.
– if they cry consistently for 30 seconds or more, go in, offer a binky from bowl, give bunny or bear, lay down and tuck under quilt.  Try not to pick them up.  You can rub their back for a bit but keep it as short as possible unless they are really upset.
– don’t leave the room with them–this upsets them more.


– prep breakfast before they get up:
– oatmeal:  2/3 cup of baby oatmeal mixed with 2/3 cup water; add 1 jar of baby prunes or pears, 2 Tbsp. flaxseed meal, and 3 droppers-full of vitamins
– pancakes in glass container, bottom shelf of fridge
– milk ready

Getting babies up:

– change diapers in nursery (you can get the dirty diapers later to put in the diaper pail)
– binkies stay in cribs; if they protest, they can keep them till downstairs.  If you run out of clean binkies, boil all (including ones by stove) for 3 minutes.
– bring babies downstairs and put directly into high chairs; give milk right away
– oatmeal first; then pancakes (**give a third or so of pancake in pieces, then they can ask for more–give them too much at once and they may waste it)


– playtime in main room
– change into day clothes
– 8:30/8:45:  walk (stroller or wagon)–they tend to get bored/fussy around this time, so a longish walk really helps

Morning Nap:

– 9:30-9:45 down (same instructions as for bedtime)
– should last till at least 11:00; if baby is up but babbling, leave in crib till 11.  If crying, bring down.


– playtime in living room till lunch


– 11:45
– chicken salad (fridge); peas or corn salad left over. If you need more veggies, steam some carrots.


– playtime to wear them out for afternoon nap (lots of activity)
– options:  Green Lake Community Center tot room; Green Lake library; Zoomazium at Woodland Park Zoo

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    September 17, 2012 11:55 am

    What a wonderful anniversary weekend! So happy that y’all had such a fun time together. I love your baby “lesson plans” – I’m going to make myself a copy for the next time we’re there.

    Love to all!

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