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Words, words, words

October 9, 2012

We were in the two-naps-to-one transition phase for about a week.  It ended after yesterday, when our attempts to stretch the babies’ morning up time so that they would take one long midday nap crashed and burned like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  They still slept for their regular 1.5 hours and did not get any afternoon rest time; on top of this they have another cold, so we had several days of extreme crankitude.

Today was back to the old routine, and things are much smoother.  Therefore, I have time for updates:

Words, words, words! 

Jamie:  Tee (tree);  Gicka (pancake);  Ahhh (Audrey);  Dee (Theresa); Alp (up); Apbl (apple or Abbie, depending on context);  Gah (grass).

Audrey:  Sh (shoe); Jee (Jamie);  Dee or Dee-suh (Theresa);  Ch-ch-ch (change–or perhaps professing a love of David Bowie’s oeuvre); Cah (car–or just channeling her Boston fam);  Gah (go).

Theresa:  Kee (kitty); Ahhh (Audrey); Nana (which made my mom’s week)

All of them know “again” (usually sounds like “geh”), which they use frequently. They all quack, moo, woof, baa, and meow with their animal friends.  And they are using more signs, like “butterfly” and “bath” and “leaf.”

All three:

  • love light switches, the garage door button.
  • holding hands with each other at mealtimes, or touching fingers.


  • obsessed with sippy cups of all kinds, she asks for milk or water far more frequently than her siblings.  Also obsessed with Velcro (but really, who isn’t?).

Uncle Dan reading with Audrey

  • gets down stairs or from couch on her own; she doesn’t need much spotting anymore.
  • can walk unassisted but when outside prefers to hold both hands of an adult in order to direct them to walk with her.
  • stacks one block on top of another–apparently, this is a developmental skill.
  • makes funny faces at mealtimes, and giggles when they are mirrored back to her.



  • obsessed with the Elmo hat that Grandma Barb got for the babies.  She will put it on spontaneously and play in the house while wearing it.  She does not do this with any other hat.

The Elmo hat, on backwards

  • Grandma Barb also taught her to blow kisses:  she puts her open palm against her mouth and throws it dramatically away.
  • mostly avoids throwing food on the floor (we’re still waiting for her siblings to follow this trend) by giving it to the adult present, which means that by the end of many meals I have a handful of small pieces of undesired food, sometimes partially chewed.
  • has gotten used to the barrettes in her hair such that she does not pull them out immediately, which is good because her bangs really do hang in her eyes but I can’t bring myself to have them cut yet.  Once in a while she lets me get in some pigtails, but she protests mightily as they are done.

Catching up on her reading at the Magnuson Park Community Center


  • obsessed with trees.  Upon getting him out of his crib in the morning, the first thing he does is to sign “tree,” say “Tee,” and look toward the window.  We go open the curtains so he can say good morning to the western hemlock in our backyard. He periodically requests to see this tree during the day.
  • greets me when I come home by wrapping his arms around my legs and leaning his head into my knees.
  • sang the tune of part of “The Wheels on the Bus”:  when the baby on the bus goes “wah wah wah.”  He was sitting with “The Wheels on the Bus” book and singing “wah wah wah,” matching the tonal pattern.
  • not only goes down stairs by himself (most of the time), but listens when I tell him to sit down and scoot.

Jamie on a tractor at Magnuson Park’s fall festival

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    October 10, 2012 10:55 am

    Wish we could get on a plane and come up there! Adorable new pictures – love Theresa’s pigtails and Audrey’s “face.” Great picture of you and Jamie. Reading about all their new words/adventures makes our day! Give everyone hugs and love from Oompa and Ooma.

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