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Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch

October 21, 2012

Fall may be my favorite season because it means that everything now comes pumpkin flavored.  Including the pumpkin frozen custard that I may or may not have purchased impulsively after tasting a sample at Whole Foods last week, which then inspired me to make the Trader Joe’s gingerbread mix that had been sitting in my cabinet since…last fall.

Today we went to Fall City Farm’s pumpkin patch and reminisced about last year’s trip with the three babies.  In the spirit of preparing for the last disaster, I dressed each kid in 2 layers of outerwear, a warm hat, mittens, and lined windpants on top of their regular pants (in lieu of the rain or snow pants I couldn’t find at Value Village–the windpants perform the same generally waterproof function).

We arrived and it was in the low fifties.

Last year was much chillier.  Maya wore Theresa in the Baby Bjorn, and TK’s little legs were like icicles after walking around outside for an hour.  Audrey’s were mildly warmer due to my forethought in having her wear pants with feet, and Jamie’s legs were tucked into Alan’s k’tan, so he was toasty.

That was the first place we tried to feed them other than our house, and we did not bring enough hot water to warm both bottles.  Even the hot water in the thermos we had cooled down rapidly when exposed to the air and chilled milk.  I ended up nursing both Jamie and Theresa (not simultaneously), and Audrey, as usual for that time in her life, screamed through the entire feeding.

I will let the babies tell you about the trip:

Audrey’s highlight:  We could see cars!  On the highway next to the field!  There were pumpkins?

Audrey’s lowlights:  Mommy dropped my shoe outside the car before we left (which we ran over when we arrived home), so I had to borrow Theresa’s shoe for walking around.  I didn’t get to walk as much as I wanted due to Jamie’s unfortunate mud incident.

Theresa’s highlights:  I mooed at a cow!  And I got to walk holding Daddy’s hand!

Theresa’s lowlights:  I had to share my shoe with my sister.  And the pumpkin cannon was too loud.

Jamie’s highlight:  Drumming on a pumpkin.  Natch.

Jamie’s lowlight:  I fell in a mud puddle.  It was cold and slimy and I didn’t like it, so I had Mommy pick me up and I wiped my hands off on her face and fleece and pants and new sweater.  Then I felt better.


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  1. November 22, 2012 1:45 pm

    Um… dare I ask? Where’s the photo of Jamie using Michelle’s face, etc. as a towel for his muddy hands? 😉

  2. Neal & BJ permalink
    October 22, 2012 7:01 am

    Neal missed getting to visit with y’all last night, but I had a wonderful time – especially my Theresa kisses! Y’all had an adventurous day – mud-diving; “who’s got the shoe;” and pumpkin drumming . . . sounds wonderful! Love to all, Oompa and Ooma

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