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More updates, second installment

December 10, 2012

Updates continued…

They still love books, and have started saying some of the words along with us, in the same tone we use when reading them. Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs and Where Is the Green Sheep? continue to be favorites, and now they also like the Bible (mostly because one version we have is a lift-the-flap Bible, and also because they like looking at the animals in Noah’s ark, and the baby Jesus [see below]).

Jamie displays the lift-the-flap Bible for the camera.

Jamie displays the lift-the-flap Bible for the camera.

The girls have gotten into the concept of “babies.” (I almost didn’t want to write this, since it seems so gender-stereotyped.) They love the pages in certain books which contain a baby, so we brought out the dolls that Grandma Beth got them last Christmas. They went for a few days carrying a doll around and saying “baby-baby-baby,” signing vigorously (Audrey’s is to put both hands to her chest and rock her upper body; Theresa’s is to clasp her hands at chest level and rock her arms back and forth). Though today Jamie made the sign for and said “baby” when we were looking at a picture of one.

Audrey and Daddy, modeling happy faces.

Audrey and Daddy, modeling happy faces.

Audrey notices crying. If she sees or hears anyone (mostly other small children) crying, she will make the sign and say the word for “cry,” and then do “sad.” We’ve taught her that if someone is crying, she can give them a hug, so this is now often what she does for her siblings when they cry.

As Jamie used to say “tree” every morning when he woke up (his tree phase may be gone, which is too bad because now there is a Christmas tree in our living room), now Audrey’s first statement–after “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!”–is “Tee-sah!” and pointing at her sister. Theresa responds with an equally enthusiastic “hi-hi-hi-hi-hi!”

Theresa borrows her mama's apron for some Thanksgiving cookin'.

Theresa borrows her mama’s apron for some Thanksgiving cookin’.

All three like imitating sneezes. Theresa has a particularly vociferous “ah-CHOO.”

The girls have also started noticing (without us pointing them out) the eyes of animals or people in books. They also like jabbing me in the pointing out my eyes and saying “Ayyyyyye.”

We love books.

We love books.

Words, words…they accumulate new words so fast, I can hardly write them down. They all learned “up” and “down,” and Theresa has started using those words to indicate not only when she wants us to pick her up, but also when she wants to get down. They say “all done” clearly, though Jamie still needs to work on saying that he is all done before he shows us he is so by throwing unwanted pieces of food or his milk cup. We taught Theresa “angel” via the baby nativity scene at church, and she remembers. We say “waterfall” when we pour water over their heads in the bathtub, and now whenever Audrey sees the cup we use for it, she says “waterfall.” Jamie says “bear” very clearly and intentionally, to indicate that he wants his bear and is ready to go to sleep.

Jamie loves the indoor slide, too.

Jamie loves the indoor slide, too.

They are starting to identify colors, primarily red, blue, and green.

They love getting shoes for people, and most of the time retrieve the correct ones.

They like stacking things, particularly blocks. Audrey stacks two, three tops, and then pushes them over, saying “Crash!” Jamie got so excited a few weeks ago that I noticed him stacking chicken on top of his sippy cup, and then pushing it off, saying, “Crash!” to himself.

They also like trying to say people’s names. Recent inclusions other than Mama, Dada, and Nana include: Abbie, Gwee-gwee (Grampy), Karen, Kevin, Jeff, AJ, Coco (Cody), Ka-ka (Kathy), Jen, Colin, Cleo. Audrey says her own name too, and her first version of Jamie sounded like “Jim”–which would have been just fine had it stuck, as the Jims I know are excellent men.

From today:

  • Audrey helped me unpack and put away the groceries while the other two napped
  • apparently while I was gone, Audrey stood at the window periodically and said, “Mama.”  Melts my heart.
  • on our return from our evening walk, I pulled the wagon into our driveway and said, “What’s here?”  A chorus of three voices:  “Home!”  Also melts me.
  • Theresa has joined Audrey’s “okay”-ing.
  • Audrey went through a phase where she would say “okay” fast and many times in succession, and I never knew what exactly she was trying to communicate by that.
  • All three say “no” (only the start of a very, very long phase, I hear).  Jamie’s is a short “no,” and Theresa’s can be short or a long “neeeeeeewwwww.”
  • Jamie really likes paper-page books in addition to his board books, and he is really careful not to rip them when turning the pages.  We’ll be giving him Jane Eyre for realz, Uncle Dan!
  • They are also getting good at the shape sorter.  I say “Woo hoo!” when they get a shape in the correct spot, and they have started repeating the “weh-hu” when they do it themselves.  Jamie has lots of concentration for this task.  They do well with fine motor skills to maneuver the shape into the hole, but we are still working on matching shape to shape hole or color to color slot.
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  1. Uncle Dan permalink
    December 14, 2012 10:48 pm

    I’m very delighted to hear about Jamie’s book-handling skills!

  2. Neal & BJ permalink
    December 11, 2012 3:33 pm

    By the time we get there in March, they may be speaking in complete sentences! They are amazing!

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