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Notes from the New Year

January 15, 2013

Audrey calls her bunny lovey “Munny,” which we think is a hybrid of “my bunny” (she briefly called it “my-my” before switching to Munny).

Audrey’s new favorite pastime:  unpacking all the storage bins under the changing table.  She is quietly occupied for a good 30 minutes, strewing all sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, shoes, outerwear, mittens onto the floor.  She also suddenly likes wearing some of this unpacked outerwear:  random hat, mitten or mittens, sweatshirt…

Audrey also put this sweatshirt over her head and right arm on by herself.

Audrey also put this sweatshirt over her head and right arm on by herself.

Audrey loves the chase game:  she makes eye contact, grins, and says, “Getchoo,” then waits for you to chase after her saying, “I’m gonna get you!”  She typically runs to a gate or wall and waits for you to get her, and then the game begins again in a different direction.  This is becoming a problem when we actually need her to do something or stop an action, because she thinks it’s a game (but that’s another blog post).

This morning, I sneezed, and Audrey came around the corner and said, “Bless you.”  (We have been training them to say this because they think sneezes are hilarious, but this was the first unsolicited response.)

Audrey in pjs, her jacket, and mittens from Joyce.

Audrey in pjs, her jacket, and mittens from Joyce.

Theresa loves her Little People nativity set, especially the baby Jesus.  She walks around the room either with him in her hand or in search of him, saying “Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus…”  Then we can say that she found Jesus.

Theresa’s new favorite songs, both from music class:  “A Ram Sam Sam” and “Goin’ to Boston.”  In the car, as soon as the song after “A Ram Sam Sam” begins, I hear from the backseat:  “Sam!  Sam!” until the request is granted.

TK loves her Nana!

TK loves her Nana!

Theresa loves repeating things:  she’ll repeat anything we say, and will repeat words until we respond to her (and sometimes even after that).  For example, if she wants to hold something:  “hold hold Hold Hold HOLD HOLD!”

Theresa loves counting and gets up to ten by herself sometimes.  I don’t think she knows what it means other than a string of words to have memorized in order, but it’s a fun party trick.

Theresa loves her turtle backpack

Theresa loves her turtle backpack

Jamie’s love of books continues:  he has now graduated (mostly) to paper-page books.  His new loves:  Goodnight Moon and Finklehopper Frog.  Sometimes he pages through them by himself, saying key words on each page:  the first step in reading.

Jamie likes putting non-hat things on his head.  Newest version:  the bucket that the play food came in.

Jamie's new "hat"

Jamie’s new “hat”

Jamie discovered a new love at my parents’ house:  the clock my grandfather made, which chimes every quarter hour.  Every fifteen minutes, Jamie would look up at the sound and say, “Clock! Bing-bong!”

Jamie’s preference for going down stairs is becoming stronger and stronger for walking down, holding onto a railing when available.  Despite his ability to and repeated warnings to go down safely, he ignored us recently and fell down three stairs, earning a quarter-sized egg above his left ear which is now turning a nice shade of green.  I think he experiences little fear.  Which increases my fear.

Jamie reads Goodnight Moon with Grandma Beth

Jamie reads Goodnight Moon with Grandma Beth

We cleared out a space in the basement for the slide, with a folded comforter at the bottom, and Audrey and Jamie LOVE it.  They take turns going up the stairs and down the slide for an hour or more (with brief breaks).  Audrey shrieks “Slide DOWN!” as she goes, and Jamie says “Whee!” every time.

On the East Coast, they discovered a new love:  their cousins Sienna (which they pronounce Shee-nenna, sometimes Shee-nen-nenna) and Cody.

All three of them are particularly interested in what happens in the bathroom.  Anyone in our house who needs to use the facility will hear through the door:  “Potty.  Hands [as they imitate washing hands].  Soap.  Towel.  All clean!”  They also narrate showers:  “Shower.  Bee-bo [belly button].  Hair.  Soap.  All clean!”  Hopefully this means they are internalizing good hygiene practice.

Waving bye-bye to Jillian (or Abbie or Colin and Jen or whomever just left)

Waving bye-bye to Jillian (or Abbie or Colin and Jen or whomever just left)

They are also asking (sometimes demanding) to use their own spoon at breakfast.  It is surprisingly less messy than we thought it would be–pleasantly surprising.  The only way they would eat chicken pot pie was with a spoon, perhaps due to the saucy nature of the dish (Theresa and Audrey don’t like getting their hands gooey while eating).  Update:  the best way to get them to eat almost anything is to put it on a spoon:  roasted broccoli, Mexican bean-and-vegetable casserole, bits of orange…

Best family photo we could get on New Year's Day:  Stanford won the Rose Bowl but the babies seem unimpressed.

Best family photo we could get on New Year’s Day: Stanford won the Rose Bowl but the babies seem unimpressed.

We have shifted our baby gate:  it still restricts the hallway (with bathroom and stairs access) but the kitchen is now open to them.  Audrey and Theresa’s favorite things:  unpacking cabinets, finding bowls, cups, and spoons and “cooking” or “stirring.”  Jamie’s favorite things:  pushing the buttons on the stove touchpad (I turned off the sound so there’s no more beeping attraction) and opening and closing all the cabinet doors.  So far the only bumps are that we had to move Callie’s water and food to the other side of the gate, since Theresa will not stop putting her fingers or toys in the water dish, and Audrey closed her fingers in a cabinet door.  I asked her which finger she had hurt; she held out her left index finger and said through her tears, “This one.”

Finally, the Seattle Aquarium has Toddler Time in an event room, which has marine-themed activities for kids.  Seriously awesome!  We are waiting for our marine-loving friends Leah and Clara to join us someday.

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  1. Beth Frindell permalink
    January 21, 2013 5:37 pm

    I went to the aquarium with them–it was a blast! I noticed we didn’t get to the outside tank, where their dad soaked his jacket to the elbows at that age! lol

  2. liz f permalink
    January 17, 2013 10:18 pm

    We can’t wait to see you sometime – and we’d love to go to the aquarium:)

  3. Neal & BJ permalink
    January 16, 2013 12:23 pm

    So precious! They are doing so much – everyday is another fun experience, more new words – a whole new world is opening up for them. We love the picture of the 3 of them on the couch looking out the window! Priceless!

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