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Recent adventures

January 30, 2013

Things we love recently:

Audrey points to an A (in a book or one of her alphabet links) and says, “Audrey.”  She has also added “now” to the end of many phrases:  “All done now,” “Kitchen now,” “All gone now.”  She knows that Callie’s toy is a stuffed MukMuk (one of the Vancouver Olympics mascots), and whenever we say that Callie is sleeping, she says, “MukMuk!”  It’s probably important to her that Callie have a special thing to sleep with because before she discovered MukMuk, she gave her Munny to Callie who was sleeping on our bed.

Audrey at the play center

Audrey at the play center

Theresa says “I love you.”  The other night she learned “ravioli”–which she says as “yolee”–and tried to give a piece to Callie.  She likes feeding toys:  she “shares” her binky with her milk cup, and she fed a plastic taco to a stuffed frog at the play center, saying “Delicious!”  She says “sorry” whenever she hears us say it, even if we’re telling her sibling to say it to her.  Sometimes when she wakes up, I can hear her babble in her crib, and “Mommy” is included.  Love it.

TK on the see-saw

TK on the see-saw

Jamie has also memorized all of our childrens’ music albums and excitedly tells me in the middle of any song what song is coming up next.  He’s always right, even if I don’t remember.  He loves running, and will do laps back and forth in our house, saying “Runnin’.”  His love of our backyard tree has resurfaced.  He loves pushing buttons:  on the freezer, on the activity table, on the stove (which is locked).  He recently started saying “Walk” and taking my finger to get me to walk with him.

Jamie at the play center

Jamie at the play center

All three love the new kitchen that we got them (pics of that to follow).

They also loved the Children’s Museum, which we had not been to before.  We added that membership to our zoo and aquarium memberships.  They are worth the money.

In the Discovery Room at the museum

In the Discovery Room at the museum

Last week I got to help my friend with her 8-week-old twins.  This image below brought back so many memories.  I wore little girl B while folding laundry, and baby boy C slept in his boppy next to me the whole time, as President Obama was sworn in for his second term and my friend got some business calls made.  It was a good morning.

Precious C and B

Precious C and B

Last weekend my Aunt Mary was visiting, and we walked in the Arboretum: the first walk with all three babies and no stroller.  It was great!  If we are to hike seriously, though, we’ll need four adults:  three to carry one baby each, and one to carry water, snacks, diapers, etc.  They only weigh about 21 lbs, but they get heavy fast.

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