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Happy Boeuf Day

February 21, 2013

I don’t care how old I get. Birthday still make me happy.  Who doesn’t like old friends posting “Happy birthday” on Facebook, a dad who declares to the (Facebook) world that his daughter is amazing, and a Skype call with an adorable niece and nephew (incidentally, I still get all teary when Sienna says “I love you.”  It’ll probably still make me teary whenever she says it, even when she’s grown up.)

Plus, my amazing husband taught the kids to say “Happy birthday,” and that was the first thing Theresa and Audrey said to me:  “Ha’bird-day.”  Jamie’s still working on it.  Then we spent the morning at the Children’s Museum with our nanny Jillian, and man-to-man coverage makes places like that so much more fun for a toddler who doesn’t have to be redirected to play in the same space as a sibling so the adult can monitor two kids.

Family at Seattle Center

Family at Seattle Center

Last weekend, we went to The Music Man on a double-date with friends, a really fun show.  And of course, it makes me think of food.

“And all week long,

Your River City youth’ll be fritterin’ away,

I say your young men’ll be fritterin’,

Fritterin’ away their noontime, suppertime, choretime too…”

I have been doing some delicious fritterin’ thanks to Smitten Kitchen:  her broccoli fritters and cauliflower fritters are a nice change from the plain steamed veggies that my kids will eat.  I prefer my veggies a little zestier.

For my birthday this year, I made Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon–inspired by my sister-in-law Karen’s gift of Julia Child’s cookbook a few years ago, followed by her gift of a Le Creuset Dutch oven recently–and this super fast-and-easy chocolate quasi-loaf cake.


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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    February 21, 2013 4:04 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend! So glad you had such a great birthday. The cake looks amazing, and I will definitely try the recipe. Won’t be long until we get to see y’all! We can’t wait! Neal & BJ

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