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February 28, 2013

Audrey Claire (who has begun calling herself “ah-dee”) updates:

  • pronunciation:  emphasizes the “s” at the end of words:  “oatssssss,” “app-ell-sawsssss.”  Her “now” at the end of statements is sometimes quite forceful:  “Break it [a too-big piece of food] NAO!”  “Scooping [oatmeal] NAO!”
  • says “uh-oh” and points if the gate is open, or the dishwasher or trash cabinet is unlocked.
  • loves and requests the “baby book” (the photo album of their first three months).
  • has started speaking in sentences:  if something is dropped, says “I get it.”  The other day, she handed me a piece of quesadilla and said, “Break it apart please.”
  • likes her food in big pieces to shovel into her mouth all at once, including huge spoonfuls of oatmeal.  Her daddy started calling them “monster bites,” which she loved and immediately started saying, so he has had to counteract that with “dainty bites.”
  • loves pushing things on wheels (the car, a shopping cart, a doll stroller), with a determined gait and pace.
  • when not pushing something the length of the house, often runs the length of the house, saying, “Runner!” frequently.
  • loves helping in the kitchen and wants to stand on the stepstool whenever I am doing any food preparation.  “Cook-een NAO!”
  • recently started wanting to wear Daddy’s or Mommy’s shoes, and walk in them.
  • loves the end of Runaway Bunny where the baby bunny says, “Shucks,” and the Mama bunny says, “Have a carrot.”
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  1. Uncle Dan permalink
    March 3, 2013 12:45 pm

    Wonderful updates and cute pictures!

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