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February 28, 2013

Theresa Karen updates:

  • pronunciation:  roosters say “ka-doo-doo.”  Bananas are “mahnanas,” and milk is “meeelk.”  Together is “too-giddew” and gorillas are “goe-widdah.”  Owls are “howls.”  Turtles say “ribbit.”
  • has a constant narration of her experience, including repeating words/phrases many times.  When we saw our neighbors’ kitten, Jasper, at the beginning of our walk the other day, the first and last three blocks of the walk involved Theresa saying, “Kitty Jasper!” over and over.
  • points at pictures gently, tapping one finger.
  • adds “‘sokay” after she notices something drop, because I would always follow her “drop it” statement with “it’s okay.”
  • heard one of us say “choose” to a different kid, and recited, “Oh choose me!” from one of our books about a doll who asks Kitty to choose her.
  • high-fives her toys, including the Holy Family from the nativity set.
  • has everything she holds (including spoons) say “Hi Theresa” to her.
  • last Mass gave peace to her monkey during the sign of peace.
  • said upon putting on her sunglasses:  “Stylish.”
  • has a lot of imaginative play:  she says “Bye, Jesus.  See soon” to the crucifix next to the door when we leave the nursery; the dog on her shirt gave kisses to Munny and the baby Jesus; the fish said “hello” to Nana on the toy phone; the new toy pony has boogers (???).
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  1. Uncle Dan permalink
    March 3, 2013 12:46 pm

    Turtles say “ribbit”? Someone has a good sense of humor!

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