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May 8, 2013

It has been a long time since I posted updates, since the kids are changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up.  They’re also just fast, so it’s hard to write something down that I need to blog about later, as I don’t have time to record before we’re moving on to the next thing.

Here are twelve random and recent updates:

1.  Each kid is getting bolder in his/her own way.  Audrey climbed a ladder by herself at the playground yesterday.  Jamie walked over a suspension bridge on a play structure, first with my hand and then by himself (he was terrified of this a month ago).  Theresa went over the same suspension bridge holding only one of my hands, and today climbed onto a seesaw seat by herself.

Training to scale El Capitan...

Training to scale El Capitan…

2.  They are all getting better at helping.  Audrey has always been pretty enthusiastic, but now even Jamie is getting into putting his clothes in the hamper or helping during the pick-up game before bed.

Holding hands has also become popular...

Holding hands has also become popular…

3.  They can identify traffic signals:  “Green means go!”  “Red means stop!”  Which I heard constantly during every car ride for about a week.

4.  Whenever Audrey falls (which is often), she has me kiss the part of her that hurts.  Then she says, “Better,” or “It’s better now.”  As of a few days ago, we noticed her kissing her own knee and saying “better.”

5.  Audrey and Theresa like greetings.  Audrey’s:  “Hello dere.  How you doin’?  I’m good.”  Theresa’s:  “Hi [insert name of person or animal].  How you today?  I’m good.”  (We’re still working out who says which part.)

6.  They are really good at saying “Thank you” and “You’re welcome,” though not always in appropriate context (Me:  “Jamie, can you say ‘Thank you’?”  Jamie:  “You welcome.”).

7.  They [knock on wood] tend to listen well. We told them that the concrete steps to the basement from the backyard are dangerous stairs, and they don’t try to go down them.  They don’t generally lean over precipices at the playground or run too far away without turning back when we call their names.

8.  They continue to teach me to see with new eyes.  Theresa looked at the image of a shark’s open mouth on a piece of playground equipment and said, “Shark is yawnin’.”

9.  They also teach me to hear with new ears.  What do they hear that they will repeat, and in what context?  We asked Jamie what the sand felt like between his toes, and he said, “Dangerous.”

10.  We are a little obsessed with trucks, specifically construction equipment and fire trucks.  Last week the fire academy held a training in a house about to be torn down, several blocks from our house.  We walked by several times, and the firefighters in training always waved at our kids.  Once one of the trainers let us sit in the fire engine while the firefighters debriefed.  We got SFD gold badge stickers.  Also not far from our house is construction on the new park.  We walk by several times a week to see diggers (backhoes) in action.  Jamie and Audrey love this; Theresa is interested but clenches her arms around my leg, I think because she doesn’t like loud noises.

11.  Their sentences get longer and longer, and their imagination gets bigger and bigger.  Theresa, to Abigail Bunny:  “I like your dress, Abigail.”  Or her remembering our playtime in the backyard:  “Mommy gonna push the button on the water table.”  Jamie, at random meals:  “Finklehopper Frog eats binkle beans!”  [Alan’s dad used to call green beans “beana-beana-beans,” so Alan repeated it, which Jamie translated as “binkle beans.”]

12.  Audrey continues to be tuned in to others’ actions and emotions.  Her response when we say, “Look at [insert interesting item]”:  “Wowwwwww.”  She hugs someone who is crying, or if someone fell down, pats them on the shoulder.  After coming back from a run with me, she “stretched” next to me in the driveway.

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    May 9, 2013 9:41 pm

    Everything sounds so amazing and like so much fun! Great pictures and wonderful updates! Thanks for sharing the fun! Love to all!

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