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More Firsts and Lasts, and Updates

June 3, 2013

First haircut.  Jamie, who hates even having his hair combed (or his ears touched, or his nose wiped…we are perfecting the art of ninja hygiene), has an adorable mop of mildly curly hair.  But the back was getting into mullet status, so I used AJ’s recommendation and trimmed the back when he got up first from nap and was amenable to Cheerios.  He gave me about four snips, so it’s not even and I missed a bit on the side, but it’s definitely an improvement.

First dinner outside.  (We’ve had picnic lunches at a picnic table.)  Our neighbors with a 4 and 2-year-old asked us to an impromptu mini block party, so we set up the kids’ IKEA table and chairs on the sidewalk between our houses and served pasta salad with carrots.  Collectively they ate about seven pieces of plain pasta and four carrots before being “all done” and running back to their cars, scooters, etc.  They ended up coming back and polishing off the neighbor kids’ uneaten (or partially eaten…because I’m not so concerned about germs) veggie burgers.

First hike.  (This does not eliminate the practice walk we took with my aunt Mary at the Arboretum in November.  That was to test out the backpack.  This time was to test out if we could hike with actual provisions and the kids would handle being on our backs for a while.)  Our friends K and E, and their twins invited us to hike Ravenna Park, which is .5 mile trail from one playground to another through a wooded ravine. Our friend Adam kindly joined us and carried a kid.  And it was rainy but we went anyway.

Last:  when was the last time I carried all three kids up from the garage after a walk?  I don’t remember, but my knees would buckle if I tried it now.

Things I never thought I’d hear my child say at mealtime:  “More flaxseed please” (Theresa actually calls it “healthy” because we said it was healthy, so her version is “More healthy please.”)  Also, the last time I made peanut sauce stir-fry, Theresa asked, “More bok choy please.”

This would sound like I’m bragging, but Jamie has been on a refusal-of-all-foods-not-bread recently.  So he eats plain pasta (God forbid it has cheese or sauce on it), bread, sandwiches, etc.

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    June 3, 2013 2:38 pm

    Love the cute rain gear! Looks like everyone is enjoying their hiking experience! Almost Happy Birthday day! Love to all!

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