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More Firsts! And a Second.

July 5, 2013

This draft started a month ago and was interrupted by a birthday party, a nasty cold (which thankfully the kids did not get), gearing up for my parents’ visit, and another smaller cold.  And Alan’s trip to CA.  And going-back-to-work (or not) stress.  More on that in a different post.  For now:

First peanut-butter-ectomy:  Theresa made complaining noises and poked her finger in her mouth.  We thought she had bitten her tongue, but eventually I made her open so I could look, and she had a very large wad of chewed peanut butter sandwich stuck to the roof of her mouth.  Mama to the rescue.

The next time this happened, she just said, “Help,” and opened her mouth for me.

First ferris wheel ride:

We saw a fast orange boat, lots of water, some ferries, and all of downtown Seattle.  The kids loved it.  They still talk about it.

First trip to the Aquarium without the stroller:


This was stressful due to the four attempted abductions recently.  But we were extra vigilant, and it was fine.

First potty:

Not potty training.  Just the potty.  To get used to it.  To sit stuffed animals on.  Potty training still intimidates me a little, but now my bigger concern is transition (eventually) to toddler beds, because

First trampolining session (in a crib):

Jamie holds on to the rail and uses his mattress like a trampoline.  Or does laps in his crib before (we assume literally) falling over asleep at night.  We can only assume, since we don’t have a video monitor.

First garden harvest of snap peas:

First catch:


I was tossing balls to Jamie and Audrey as they stood at the top of the stairs (not my brightest or safest invented game), and Audrey actually caught the ball a few times.  She knows how to hold her arms out to cradle the ball.  Now she just needs to teach her siblings and they can all play catch with each other while I sip wine and read my book.

First yoga session:

Downward dog x2

Downward dog x2

Second birthday:


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