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Audrey the Claire

November 14, 2013

IMG_2105Updates:  August to November

  • Frequently heard:  “I can!”
  • Asks to “be my baby” so I rock her as if she were a baby, and she pretends to drink from a doll bottle, or asks to be “wrapped up” (swaddled).
  • On Baby Colby needing a washcloth:  “He’s all yogurty.”


  • Moves promptly to the side of the path when she sees anyone or anything coming toward us, especially carts at the zoo.
  • Loves the Paw-Paw Patch song and makes up who she’s looking for:  “Where oh where oh where is Bunny…Way down yonder in the paw-paw catch!”
  • Makes up silly words:  “pippo” for “pillow”; “I want my milkie”; “Hold it in my armies”; “I want an app” (apple); “I wanna be nake-nake” (naked).

Hanging at the park with Oompa

  • As we drive home in twilight:  “The light goes off and then it gets dark.”
  • Has books memorized:  she practically “read” 101 Dalmatians to us the other night.
  • Loves hearing stories about how things happened:  the day they were born, how the doctor checks your throat with a special flashlight, how she fell in the swimming pool.


  • Gets so upset at my show of frustration.  Instead of saying what I’d really like to say in those intense moments, I say, “Ohmygosh” in a tone that undoubtedly indicates my feelings.  The last few times this has happened, Audrey started crying and wailed, “Mommy said ohmygosh!”


  • So great at sharing:  we started using a timer for taking turns, and she almost always gives up the toy when the timer goes off.
  • Has internalized the “sharing words” (“May I play with that, please?”) and establishing boundaries (“I need my space, please!”), uses them appropriately and consistently.
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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    November 15, 2013 6:18 am

    This is so wonderful! Love the sweet pictures and all the updates! Can’t wait to see the ones on Theresa & Jamie . . . much, much love!

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