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TK Roo

November 15, 2013


Updates:  August to November:

  • Wants to be very self-sufficient.  The phrase we hear with hand-washing, tooth-brushing, face-wiping, etc:  “Nonononono I do it.”  (Not sure where she ever would have learned that…)
  • Every time we go outside:  “Mommy, is it okay if I do a little bit of tummy swinging?”
  • So great about saying how she feels.  T:  “Mommy, I’m crying.”  Me: “Why are you crying?”  T:  “Mommy, I’m feeling sad because Audrey has the kitty and I wanted it.”  Re: thunder:  “The boom-boom is loud and it makes you feel a little sad and scared.”


  • Asks everyone and everything:  “Are you okay?” with gentle pats on the back
  • Says “c” for certain “p” words:  “swimming cool,” and a poofy dog is a “coodle”.  Last week we got a parking pass for music class, and she called it a “parking Kermit.”
  • On hearing an ambulance siren:  “If you fall in the parking lot, that would be NOT FUN.  And if the ambulance runs over you, that would be NOT FUN.”
Playing the harmonica for Grandma

Playing the harmonica for Grandma

  • Is very complimentary on attire:  “Mommy, you look pretty stylish in your purple dress” and “Mommy, I like your sunflower necklace.  It’s pretty nice and it’s really sparkly.”
  • On describing pregnancy:  “Mommy, I was in your heart, remember?”
  • Finally naming a toy something other than “Theresa”:  “The [Little Person] firefighter’s name is Steve.”


  • Looking at a picture of a bear mailing a letter in an old-fashioned mailbox:  “He’s paying for parking!”
  • After listening to Sunday Night Football on the radio with Daddy on the way home from the park:  every time we ride in the car, “I want to listen to the Seahawks!”


  • Wrapped a round Target sticker as a “band-aid” for the “boo-boo” on her finger.  After showing this to Nana via FaceTime, she unwrapped the sticker and put it flat on her nose.  Nana:  “Theresa, do you have a band-aid on your nose?”  T:  “No, Nana.  I’m a pig!”
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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    November 16, 2013 12:15 pm

    Our favorite thing TK said . . . “Mommy, I was in your heart . . ” – so, so sweet! Love her sweet smiles!

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