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Jamie J

November 16, 2013


Updates:  August to November

  • Makes up his own lyrics to songs:  “I love my elevator” (to the tune of Pete the Cat loving his white shoes)
  • Loves singing “The Hello Song” to everything:  “Hello, Mount Rainier, so glad to see you…”
  • Quoting from Corduroy:  “Quite by axskident…”  Actually, he quotes from Corduroy all the time, including:  “I didn’t know I’d lost a button!”  The boy loves bears.  Especially Bear, who goes with us pretty much everywhere.


  • Sings loudly and long in his crib after lights-out, which often prompts Audrey to cry for us and ask us, “Make Jamie be quiet.”
  • On descending the stairs:  “I’m coming down so you better get the party started!”
  • Master of the sideways shoulder hug

Drumming before sliding

  • Remembers so much:  at bedtime, he said, “We maked the beach ball go up,” referring to the Children’s Museum air blower that lifts a beach ball inside a cage (which we have not been to in over a month).
  • Favorite thing at playgrounds:  climbing.  Up ladders, stairs, stumps, etc.  Often involving slides, but not always.
  • Other favorite thing:  running.


  • Favorite favorite thing:  drumming.  On hippo statue at the zoo, on the bathtub, on a low wall at the aquarium, on upside-down strainers, on tabletops and trays, on cups, every available surface.
Drumming at the aquarium

Drumming at the aquarium

  • Has become a fantastic helper (this from the little dude who used to cry whenever we asked him to put the book he was done with back on the shelf).
  • Favorite exhibit at the zoo:  water.  Favorite exhibit at the aquarium:  seeing the ferris wheel on the pier outside.
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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    November 17, 2013 9:50 am

    Love the comment about “I’m coming down so you better get the party started!” It sounds just like him. Maybe we can make him a Baylor Bear!! Daddy might not go for that!! Love y’all!

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