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A Festival of Gratitude and Light

December 4, 2013

This Thanksgiving, we flew to the North Bay Area and spent five days with family and friends for Thanksgivukkah.  We are grateful for:

  • the kindness of TSA workers, flight attendants, and other random passengers who helped us lift car seats down the aisle, roll car seats to an emptier section of baggage claim, hand us our shoes or other gear.
In our rolling car seats

In our rolling car seats

  • two great flights with kids who found joy in a plastic cup, full of ice or empty, who handled an hour-plus flight delay by buying into the explanation that the pilot had to go potty (Audrey announced to our gate neighbors that the pilot “had to pull his pants down”), who got up early and pushed nap and slept in the car and only had minor crabbiness to show for it.
  • celebrating Hannukah and Thanksgiving and 5K races and chickens and music and family with Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin and their friends.
  • time outside in the warmth and sunshine:  at the parks and neighborhoods of Santa Rosa, and in Palo Alto.
  • a visit from Aunt Maya and her parents.
  • meeting Baby Calvin and seeing his parents, John and Thuy.


  • hanging out with always-gracious hosts Aunt Mary, Uncle Mark, and Bailey, and for Kirsten letting the kids play with her old toys.
  • dinner with always-gracious hosts Slam, Rachida, Aya, and Noor.
  • our first Christmas tree lighting.
  • our first menorah lighting, with music.
  • San Francisco (When we came to the MacArthur tunnel on Saturday evening, Jamie announced, “We’re going over the Golden Gate Bridge!”  He had seen this tunnel several days before, in the light.  Also, they like that it is orange.)


  • Uncle Dan, for his boundless generosity, patience, and good humor, who helped us get from baggage claim to the rental cars at SFO, who chased kids around Stanford with us, and who hung in during our flight delay and helped us corral three tired and squirmy toddlers to security.  Theresa has bestowed the highest honor she knows upon her godfather:  she named her polar bear “Uncle Dan” (this from the girl who used to say any animal or doll’s name was “Theresa”).  It’s no wonder we chose him as one of our kids’ godparents:  we hope they all grow up to be as kind and thoughtful as he is.
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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    December 5, 2013 1:46 pm

    Wonderful pictures of many fun adventures! Audrey got right to the point with the explanation about the pilot! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and anecdotes!!

  2. December 5, 2013 12:43 am

    What a fun, full and festive holiday weekend! Audrey’s pre-boarding comment regarding the cause for the pilot’s delay is PRICELESS. Such a wonderful photo and description collage. (Now that the triplets’ Stanford interest has been piqued, when will a trip to Middlebury be in the works? 🙂 )

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