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More Little Victories: Fighting the Plague

January 17, 2014

Sick kids, I can handle.  Snot rockets, the grump factor when they don’t understand why they’re sick and refuse most soothing remedies (warm liquids, honey, etc.).  I can do colds.

The illness that has been living with us for almost two weeks is a shade of pure misery.

So much so that I threw myself a pity party (read:  posted a status on Facebook whining about coughing, snotty kids who can’t sleep and who therefore make me sleepless and did I mention I barely got over a bad bout of laryngitis only to come down with another cold?).

Thus, tonight:  some little victories to compensate for the “just survive” mode we’ve been operating under.


1.  One of our children, who is anxious by nature, got super-freaked-out by a sibling pooping in the tub incident in mid-December.  Alan and I did not get upset, but there was some rush to get the bathing kids out of the tub in order to sanitize it and get them, shivering, back in.  Child X has had bath / potty anxiety for the past month–previously loving bathtime, suddenly refusing to go in at all, or even refusing to take the diaper off in fear (I presume) that an accident might happen.

Where did Child X get fear of mistakes or accidents?  Fear of not doing things the Right Way?  I have no idea…(and poor child, I am so sorry for whatever genetic code I passed on to you in that regard).

Yesterday, after a triple screamy, whiny morning of much hitting and pushing, we went to the library, and Miss Claire helped me find a potty book.  An ABC potty book which starts, “A is for Accident.  Adam had an accident.  It’s all right, Adam.”

Child X requested this book several times this afternoon, and we read it in the bathroom while contented siblings splashed in the tub.  And then:

Child X got the diaper off.  Stood by the tub watching a sibling get clean.

And got in.  And loved it.

Thank goodness for getting rid of bathtime trauma.


2.  Library related:  A couple of months ago, we went to the library this afternoon.

The four of us.

We read together.  Audrey played on the computers and with blocks.  They (mostly) used their quiet voices.

We did not get kicked out or receive dirty looks of any kind.

We checked out three books (including two beloved ones:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Oy, Feh, So?).

We all held hands crossing the parking lot to and from the van.

It was a minor miracle.

Theresa leans out the window of the cabin, "just like Miss Lydia" (from Henry Builds a Cabin).

Theresa leans out the window of the cabin, “just like Miss Lydia” (from Henry Builds a Cabin).


3.  Jamie refuses most new things, and certainly most suggested things (he has an independent spirit–again, no idea where he got that from…).

We had to give him some anti-inflammatory prescription medication for his croup this week.  The pharmacist recommended crushing it in some food.

This for the kid who has refused quesadilla because they used the wrong kind of tortilla, or spit out all manner of other usually enjoyed food because the texture was off.

I made their favorite ravioli, cut it in quarters, and mashed bits of tablet into each quarter.  He devoured it.  Mama for the win.


Jamie relishes outside time after being cooped up for more than a week.


4.  I had a mini-meltdown yesterday after reaching my limit of patient, “Hands are not for hurting,” and “You sound sad; can you tell me why?” and “Use your words.”

The Should Mama spoke up.  I called Alan and vented.

The Should Mama shut up.

That’s right, sister.  I’m human.  I have limits.  I don’t have to wallow in guilt or self-flagellate or moan.  I can just move on.

Audrey models her favorite-color hat made by Aunt Karen.

Audrey models her favorite-color hat made by Aunt Karen.


These remind me that things change.  They get better.  Eventually.

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  1. Abbie permalink
    January 17, 2014 11:47 pm

    Ive been using more mindfulness techniques and they help (and make me think of you) but sometimes i just need to throw a pillow at the wall. and that is ok too. 🙂

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