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Everybody’s a Comedian

March 29, 2014

The more verbal and imaginative the kids get, the funnier they sound.  Here are some (relatively) recent gems:

  • T, after throwing her bunny:  “Mommy, I kaboomski-ed her on the couch.”
  • all three play the “Fetch” game, in which one kid throws a ball, and another kid runs after it, picks it up, and carries it back to the “owner” in his/her mouth.  Roles switch.
  • Jamie got his hair cut and screamed for the entire 25 minutes (and if you don’t think that seems like a long time, please come take him for his next appointment).  We said it was probably that he didn’t like having his head touched.  Audrey:  “Scott can cut my hair.  I like people touching my face.”


  • A & J singing:  “I’m far away right HERE!”  Me:  “Who says that?”  A:  “We do!”
  • Jamie and I went to the playground together while our neighbor Kathy took the girls to her house.  We went down slides together and played the “Elevator” game, in which we climb the play structure and pretend to be in elevators.  It was awesome.
  • Daddy, (referring to my work on student papers): “Boom goes the grade-amite.”  Jamie:  “Boom goes the Grampy-mite!”  Audrey:  “Boom goes the Nana-mite!”
  • Daddy, explaining President’s Day:  “We live in a country called America, and we elect someone to be in charge.”  Jamie:  “I’m in charge!”


  • Me:  “What did you see at the zoo?”  Audrey:  “There was a bear.  And he was sleepin’.  But he didn’t kiss me!”
  • Me, reading the BabyLit Pride and Prejudice: “One…”  (prompting for the response of “English village”).  Jamie:  “…English muffin!”
  • Kathy, our neighbor, on the front steps with the kids:  “Do you want help going down the stairs?”  T:  “I’m okay.  Thank you for asking.”
  • T, our biggest sports fan:  “I’m the 12th man of the Olympics!”
  • T:  “It’s Bunny’s birthday so she gets a blue Kermit cake and she’s going to go to Boston.”


  • Jamie sometimes has a hard time making up his mind–and often he appears to be hardwired to say “No!”  Ask him if he wants something (usually food), and his response:  “Nnnnn…ye…neh…yehhh…nn…yeah.”
  • Me, trying to explain lightning (after being on a run with the girls and experiencing two unexpected and super-loud thunderclaps):  “You know how you get a zap from a slide or from getting off the couch?  Lightning is the biggest zap there is.  When clouds touch, they give each other a big zap.”  A:  “Or a hug!  I could give the cloud a hug.”
  • T, pointing to kanji on a bowl:  “What’s that?”  Me:  “It’s Japanese writing.”  T:  “Is Japanese a nice girl?”  (I’m not sure how I tried to explain that “Japanese” refers to a group of people, not one person’s name…)


T:  “I see dat yellow fing drivin’.”

A:  “What, Theresa?  What is dat yellow fing?”  (repeats about five times)

Me:  “Theresa, Audrey is asking you what the yellow thing is that you see.”

T:  (long pause)  “It’s the [indeterminate sound].”

A:  “Oh.  It’s the sun.  It’s not drivin’.”

Another conversation:

T:  “Where are Sienna and Cody?”

Me:  “They’re at their house.”

J:  “They’re at Bruin’s house!”

A:  “Bruin is not coming to my house, because he might chew on me, and I would break.”

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  1. rayaless permalink
    March 30, 2014 7:20 pm

    Both Adam and I laughed aloud! What a wonderful compilation Michelle!! THANK YOU for sharing :-)! Looking forward to connecting soon :-). Andrea & Adam

  2. Neal & BJ permalink
    March 30, 2014 4:52 am

    Love, love, love this! You just made our day!! Love to all!

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