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Three for Three: Kid updates

July 17, 2014

So our three turned three.  Holy cow.  They are into being Big Kids.  They:

  • sleep at night in big kid beds (naptimes are in pack’n’plays in separate rooms, for sanity–theirs and ours)
  • can put on and take off their own clothes and shoes (when they feel like it)
  • like buckling their own booster seats for eating and trying to buckle their own car seat belt
  • drink from big kid cups
  • wear helmets when riding scooters and trikes
  • try out the neighbor kids’ bigger scooters and balance bike
  • like big kid swings (though sometimes the baby swing still has some appeal)
  • ride the escalator holding on to an adult’s hand

Here are some individual updates:


  • has physical confidence, strength, dexterity, and coordination that amaze us.  She spontaneously climbed the rock wall over the foam pit at gymnastics class.  She taught herself how to pedal her trike and pump on a big kid swing.
  • loves being a helper and “big kid.”  She likes pretending to be Mommy, like “going for a run” with her stroller.  She imitates us in trying to help her siblings, either by reminding them verbally of something or trying to help them physically (like pushing them on a swing).
  • loves the “why?” question, and comes up with very creative answers when we ask her, “Why do you think so?”  Why is that kid wearing a bandaid?  “Because he scraped his knee and now he has a scab.”


  • is a storyteller:  creates imaginary scenarios and worlds with her animals and pretending toys like dress-up doctor set or veterinarian tools.  She narrates her own story:  “‘Mini digger!’ I called out loudly” and “‘Where’s my other sock?’ I wailed.”
  • is our champion “noticer” (and rarely moves linearly from Point A to Point B).  She also asks a gazillion questions about pictures in books, or the storyline, or new words, or anything described, often with the phrase: “I want to see the [insert word].”  She likes figuring out puzzles.
  • physically: likes playing catch, buckling her own seatbelt, putting on her own shoes.  Gymnastics class and Coach Elaine have given her much more confidence to try new athletic skills.  She loves cuddling and uses her cuddliness to her advantage at bedtime:  “Mommy, I need a hug and a snuggle.”


  • has a memory that is off the charts:  songs, books, numbers, letters.  He can count to 29 (after that, he says, is “Twenty-ten”).  He knows almost every book in our library, and “reads” happily to himself if he doesn’t fall asleep at naptime.  He loves especially fast songs.
  • loves figuring out how things work:  train set, fire truck, ride-on green car.  He sometimes plays the ukelele by “drumming” on the strings.  He also loves figuring out how language works:  he plays goofy word games with us and his sisters.
  • physically:  has lots of stamina–he rode his scooter without assistance from us uphill to the park, partway around the track, and back home again; loves to walk-jog while holding a grown-up’s hand, or run ahead…and back…and ahead; can hang upside-down from the bar at gymnastics; has a mean swing at the wiffle ball tee.

All three have made huge strides in the taking-turns department, in the using-our-words department, and in the following-directions department.

In moments where I am able to fully focus on them, individually and collectively, they make me laugh and wonder and breathe gratitude.  Heart Full.

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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    July 18, 2014 1:25 pm

    Awesome post! They look so big! Love your last paragraph – definitely “Heart Full.”

  2. July 18, 2014 9:16 am

    Looks like they’re living the dream in Washington 🙂

  3. July 18, 2014 8:30 am

    I can’t believe I am missing a whole summer! They are incredible! and so are you! and so is Alan! Miss you guys!

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