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Finishing the Course

July 20, 2014

This morning, my parents helped me get the kids to Alan’s Olympic triathlon.  We arrived in time to:

  • witness several near-misses and one actual fall from a bike due to wet pavement,
  • clap and “WOOOO!” as the woman got up, a National Guard volunteer and another athlete checked to see if she was okay, and she walked her bike into the transition area to continue the race,
  • watch Alan’s transition from bike to run,
  • high-five him on the first loop of the 10K, and
  • cheer him on at the finish.

The finish line of a race is one of my favorite places to be.

The athletes, exhausted and exerted, summoning their reserves of physical and mental energy to sustain one last burst before the end.

The spectators, who know how long and how hard the athletes have trained, who have witnessed how much sacrifice and courage have gone into preparing for this event, cheering and screaming and clapping and cowbell-ringing and sign-waving.

Support and love, surging through the air in the form of noise:  joyful, thumping, energetic noise.

We’re all in this journey:  race, walk, swim, whatever your element.  We’re all pushing.  We’re all simultaneously in training and in the final event, sweating and stumbling and speeding up and slowing down and wondering how many more miles to go.

We can be each other’s spectators, too.  Shouting encouragements:  Keep going!  Looking good!  Way to go!  WOOOOOO!

No matter what your race looked like today, well done, warrior.



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