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More Good Things

October 16, 2014

Some Good Things of the past couple of months:

Sometimes even their conflicts are funny.  An example:

J to T, across the dinner table:  I’m hitting you.  Hit.  [gesturing a hitting motion]
T to J:  I’m wiping the hit off.  Wipe.  [gesturing a wiping motion]

Hide-and-seek with three-year-olds is pretty awesome:

Me:  One…two…
A:  Wait for me to go to my hiding stump.  (There is only 1 stump in my parents’ yard.  She stands on it and waits for me to “find” her.)

Some recent highlights:

  • Audrey sometimes calls Jamie “James,” which is immensely adorable.
  • Audrey climbs the neighbor’s tree (from the ladder attached to it, but still…).
  • Audrey’s “I’m gonna tell you how it is” face and mannerism is awesome:  earnestly wide-open eyes, head tilted to one side, hand gestures punctuating her explanations.
  • I have had to hide my salad spinner because it became a carousel for small stuffed animals.

photo 3-3

  • Theresa taught herself how to pedal a trike, and shrieked gleefully as she rode down the sidewalk.
  • Theresa loves giving hugs, to me:  “I’m giving you gentle pats on the back”; to her animals: “I’m hugging my [insert animal] because I love him.”
  • Theresa will say in her Sorrowful Voice, “I’m just having a rough day,” and then take deep breaths to help herself feel better.
  • We have indoctrinated them to the Disney canon thanks to Aunt AJ’s gift this summer and the loan of Nana’s Music of Disney cds.  For a while, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” was the only song, on repeat; now “Be Our Guest” and “Under the Sea” vie for top billing, and for a while we read nothing but Disney every night at bedtime.

photo 1-5

  • Jamie knows left and right with excellent accuracy.
  • Jamie made up a game riding down the very small hill of our driveway and taught himself how to balance–he zooms on that little bike.
  • Jamie loves making up stories.  They often involve elevators, Mike Mulligan, Jenny from Disney’s “Once Upon a Wintertime,” and more recently, Ariel.
  • I either can’t find kitchen items like dish towels (used as baby blankets) or strainers (used as helmets, bathtubs for stuffed animals, etc.) but also do find very unusual things in kitchen cabinets:  storytelling cards in with my baking dishes, blankets with the cutting boards, rubber ducks in muffin tins.


They say the awesomest things:

  • Audrey, always trying to be helpful and kind:  Grampy, thank you for a very nice trip.
  • A:  I have a strong brain so I can carry my pumpkin.


  • T:  I would like two apple slices and six hashews please.
  • T, remembering falling fully-clothed into a filling bathtub:  I was doing my yoga and my clothes got all perklunkty.
  • Alan:  We were in New Hampshire!  T:  Nick Hampster?  J:  New Hamp shirt?


  • J:  One is my favorite number!  Two is my favorite number!  Three is… [and on through ten]
  • J:  I’m Grampy!  Alan:  Grampy, how’d you get so small?  J:  I’m…retired!
  • All:  the “Bear Nesesames” (from The Jungle Book)


  • They make up their own words for things:  scabby-doody-doody is the bottom kitchen drawer of baking dishes where they slide play cards into the slot between drawers, pretending it’s a ticket machine, and duck-a-pookie (we can’t figure out what that means).


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  1. Neal & BJ permalink
    October 17, 2014 6:19 am

    Hysterically adorable!!

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