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November 13, 2014

This kid owns my heart because she draws a picture for Santa because she likes creating art for people to make them happy.  She also drew a picture and when I asked whose name I should write, she answered, “Gomblan.”  “Who’s that?”  “My friend.”


After I said, “Oh, bummer” on realizing that I had forgotten something, she said, “You can bring it next time.  I can bring it for you, Mama.”  One of her favorite things is using the stool to get cups for herself and her siblings, pull the stool to get water in each cup, and bring each sibling their cup and her own at the dinner table.  She is ever looking for opportunities to help.

She wants to grow up and “go to college to learn to be the Cat in the Hat.”


This kid owns my heart because she wanders around giving hugs, especially to me, and making up stories for her babies and animals.  Pictured: in Superman costume with lei, she blankets her pony, puts him on a towel to dry, wraps butterfly wings upside-down around his muzzle to “shub” him (???), and puts a hat on “to keep him warm.”


She collects every soft animal available everywhere we go.  One of her favorite stops at the Aquarium:  the gift shop, where she can hold stuffed otters.  (And put them back before we go.)

She wants to grow up to be:  “a doctor, then a nurse, then a dentist.”  After asking me if I wanted to be a doctor, I said, “No, I’m a teacher.”  She asked, “What are you going to be next?”


This kid owns my heart because he loves his Bear and puppies and monkey named Lumpy so much that he has storytime with them.


He is able to articulate his feelings and requests so well, especially in new situations with new kids.

He has the hollowest of hollow legs–last night he ate more mac’n’cheese than Alan or me (or maybe more than both of us combined).


These three own my heart because they were outside when I came home from work today, and as I crossed the street to our sidewalk, each came shrieking and running into my arms.  And when I stop worrying and pay attention, I can watch their brains expand with new understandings and knowledge.  Like their awe at the sky lanterns that their preschool teachers sent into the twilight tonight.


Also:  my dear friend Jen Crystal is publishing her book Et Voila:  One Traveler’s Journey from Foreigner to Francophile, coming out in January.  She is amazing and brilliant and brave.

Also:  my sister-in-law sent me a video of my niece reading.  S. started kindergarten this year and is also now swimming the whole length of the pool by herself.  She is amazing and brilliant and brave.

P.S.  We all are amazing and brilliant and brave.  Much love to you.

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  1. rayaless permalink
    December 12, 2014 8:30 pm

    Doesn’t everyone want to go to college to become the Cat in the Hat? 🙂 And, Ms. T WILL be yours and Alan’s PhD, MD, MBA – all achieved in the pursuit of helping humanity (all the careers she elected are of direct service!). And I love the “third kid”‘s 🙂 desire to share what he loves (reading) with others he loves and who bring him comfort.

    You are such a gifted writer Michelle (!), AND a wonderful photographer. Your children will wholly enjoy reading and marveling over their own development – in two years, ten years, and beyond! What a treasured gift you offer them….. And, in the meanwhile, the rest of us. (This was another post I forwarded along to Adam, who enjoys these ALMOST as much as me.)

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