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On Healing, with some Paleo-ish recipes

January 5, 2015

I’ve been gluten-free, dairy-free, nightshade-free, egg-free, and all-manner-of-other-foods-free for about 6 weeks now.  And I feel SO MUCH better most of the time.

Except when I don’t.  Like last night, when I hadn’t had enough water and I had tried reintroducing chicken eggs (and oh my Lord, that egg tasted so good), and from about 2 pm on I had zero energy and a headache.  Alan had gone out to run some errands and I laid on the floor of the nursery while the kids played.  Theresa tucked me in with her fuzzy blanket, gave me her “gorilla pilla,” and patted my back.  I went to bed at 6 pm, got up to kiss the kids good night, and went back to bed till 7 am.

My body has been trying to tell me that something is wrong.  And I am trying to listen, even though sometimes I want to fight against the experience, let the anxiety and uncertainty swell up.  I want to take care of my kids, not have them have to take care of me.  I feel like fatigue and headaches are almost not “worthy” enough as symptoms–that I know people who are very sick, life-threateningly sick, and it’s embarrassing to even talk about my bad days when theirs are so much worse.  I want to feel healthy all the time like I used to without so much effort, so much attention to the fragility of my system.  Read every label carefully.  When in doubt, don’t eat it.  Drink enough water.  Eat the right amounts of the right things.  Don’t mess it up, or you’ll feel awful.

One blog was philosophically as well as practically helpful:  AIP Lifestyle, by a nutritionist used to working with autoimmune disorders.  She talks about making your illness your ally, and loving and forgiving to heal the body as well as the spirit.

It occurred to me last night, as my brain was functional while my body was not, that healing does not only exist in the foods I choose to put into my system.  Healing is already there, in me.  It’s a long process of trial and error, and I’m trying to focus on the trying and the taking care of myself, and less on being irritated at the errors.

Some positives:  we had a glorious Christmas and a wonderful trip to California (post on that to come).  I ran a 5K with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  I successfully reintroduced chocolate!  To combat the nightmares I had in the early part of last night, I visualized being surrounded by all the people who love and support me, and slept well in that warmth until morning.  So thank you all for that. =)

Here are some recipes I’ve found helpful and healing:

  • Pork, Sweet Potatoes, and Charred Brussels Sprouts with Lime Sauce (I omitted the chile in the sauce and never missed it)
  • David Lebovitz’s Bun Bo salad (easy for kids–lots of small bowls of toppings that they can choose from.  Karen made it for us while we stayed with her and Kevin, and Kevin seared a top sirloin to put on top–delicious.)
  • Coconut-Ginger-Lime Chicken (I made this when I had my sinus and ear infections, so I couldn’t taste or smell anything–I have a hunch that it was a little on the bland side, so I’m going to try again while healthy.)
  • AIP Chocolate Brownies (First, I omitted the orange.  Also, these were weirdly spongey when first out of the oven, but after some refrigeration, they were pleasantly fudgy and dense.)

I also found Phoenix Helix, who has an AIP recipe roundtable once a week, and I am trying these two this week:


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