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Always more love

February 14, 2016

Since Valentine’s Day gives me the great opportunity to reflect on love in all its manifestations (like chocolate!), here are some recent examples:

Who wouldn't love this bunny?

Who wouldn’t love this bunny?

  • my friend Cari’s husband, a nuclear astrophysicist, explained the spacetime continuum to me after I enthusiastically brought up the gravitational waves discovery.  It’s about time that astrophysicists have their time in the sun (haha) to profess their love for the universe.  Plus, he got an interview on the radio!  He sent me additional articles like this one to help explain what happened and why it’s SO AWESOME.
  • we saw Cari briefly with some other friends for the first time since she moved to Knoxville, and I love having friends with whom I can hug and laugh and drink wine and talk about everything from teaching to kids getting their learner’s permit to the Oscars, like we have never been apart.
  • I love this new restaurant, Eve, which is reasonably fancy and delicious and has lots of things I can eat.
  • a great pediatrician who prescribed eye drops for the kids when they came down with pinkeye–she prescribed an extra bottle because she recognized that more than one of them was more than likely to get it.
  • my husband and I get to pretend we’re living the pre-kid married life for a couple of days.  It’s very relaxing.
  • our technician came back on Saturday with the necessary parts to fix our water heater, broken since Wednesday and not scheduled to be repaired until Monday.  They expedited the parts to his boss’s house and he installed them Saturday afternoon.
  • our neighbor let me shower at her house twice.
  • I love that I found my wedding rings. They had been missing for two weeks and I couldn’t remember where I had last put them, so I tore apart our bedroom, the kitchen, etc. trying to figure out where they could be.  Where they actually were:  inside a finger of a kid’s play glove, on the floor of the basement by the toy storage bins.  [I do not love that one of my children must have taken them to play with…but I do love that I found them.]
  • my cousin met up with me at the Frye Art Museum for lunch and art and conversation.  I love lunch and art, but mostly I love her.
  • last week, my school had several fundraisers that clubs put on for Valentine’s Day, including individual faux roses.  My very, very, very shy and withdrawn student, whom I make sit with some table group during discussions so he can listen but otherwise let sit by himself, usually sits with a group of four wonderful young women–the kind of young women that I hope my kids grow up to be like.  My shy student sent each girl a rose.  I cannot overstate how amazing this is.  It makes me tear up just thinking about it.
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